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(Creating Mixed Reality with LIV)
(Creating Mixed Reality with LIV)
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=Creating Mixed Reality with LIV=
=Creating Mixed Reality with LIV=
==[[Getting Started]]==
==[[Getting Started]]==
** [[Getting Started#Required_hardware|Required hardware]]
==[[Getting Started#Required_Hardware|Required Hardware]]==
** [[Getting Started#Required_software|Required software]]
==[[Getting Started#Required_Software|Required Software]]==
** [[Getting Started#Recommended_Cameras|Recommended Cameras]]
==[[Getting Started#Recommended_Cameras|Recommended Cameras]]==
** [[Getting Started#Recommended_Capture_Cards|Recommended Capture Cards]]
==[[Getting Started#Recommended_Capture_Cards|Recommended Capture Cards]]==
** [[Getting Started#Recommended_Software|Recommended Software]]
==[[Getting Started#Recommended_Software|Recommended Software]]==
** [[Getting Started#Setting_up_an_effective_green_screen|Setting Up An effective greenscreen]]
==[[Getting Started#Setting_Up_An_Effective_Green_Screen|Setting Up An Effective Green Screen]]==
** [[Getting Started#Best_practices_for_streaming_MR|Best practices for streaming MR]]
==[[Getting Started#Best_Practices_For_Streaming_MR|Best Practices For Streaming MR]]==
** [[Getting Started#Setting_up_LIV_Mixed_Reality|Setting up LIV Mixed Reality]]
==[[Getting Started#Setting_up_LIV_Mixed_Reality|Setting Up LIV Mixed Reality]]==
** [[Getting Started#Installing_your_LIV_VIRTUAL_CAMERA_DRIVERS|Installing your LIV VIRTUAL CAMERA DRIVERS]]
==[[Getting Started#Installing_your_LIV_VIRTUAL_CAMERA_DRIVERS|Installing Your LIV VIRTUAL CAMERA DRIVERS]]==
** [[Getting Started#Calibrating_your_LIV_VIRTUAL_CAMERA|Calibrating your LIV VIRTUAL CAMERA]]
==[[Getting Started#Calibrating_your_LIV_VIRTUAL_CAMERA|Calibrating Your LIV VIRTUAL CAMERA]]==
** [[Getting Started#Creating_your_LIV_Camera_Profile|Creating your LIV Camera Profile]]
==[[Getting Started#Creating_your_LIV_Camera_Profile|Creating Your LIV Camera Profile]]==
** [[Getting Started#Launching_a_game_in_Mixed_Reality_with_LIV|Launching a game in Mixed Reality with LIV]]
==[[Getting Started#Launching_a_game_in_Mixed_Reality_with_LIV|Launching A Game In Mixed Reality With LIV]]==
** [[Getting Started#Common_problems_and_FAQ|Common problems and FAQ]]
==[[Getting Started#Common_problems_and_FAQ|Common Problems And FAQ]]==
=Creating Mixed Reality with LIV and depth sensors=
=Creating Mixed Reality with LIV and depth sensors=
*  [[How-to Guide on the Kinect v2 and the pre-beta software]]
*  [[How-to Guide on the Kinect v2 and the pre-beta software]]

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About LIV

LIV is a windows app available on Steam for creating Mixed Reality in VR using the openVR API. It is currently officially supported on the HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift using SteamVR. Windows Mixed Reality support is forthcoming.

LIV is still in Early Access, and we're working diligently in improving stability and performance across all devices and hardware configurations. We're still a small team of nerds who are working on this because we absolutely love what we do, and want to empower more people in VR to create compelling VR content. In other words, LIV is the result of Ikigai from everyone involved, including you fine folks in our community.

Thank you for all your continued support!

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Creating Mixed Reality with LIV

Getting Started

Required Hardware

Required Software

Recommended Cameras

Recommended Capture Cards

Recommended Software

Setting Up An Effective Green Screen

Best Practices For Streaming MR

Setting Up LIV Mixed Reality



Creating Your LIV Camera Profile

Launching A Game In Mixed Reality With LIV

Common Problems And FAQ

Creating Mixed Reality with LIV and depth sensors