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The studies prove that human stem cells (SSCs) Nutonen coming from tissues of testicles can form into an insulin-secreting beta islet that can be found inside the pancreas. The researcher are able to accomplish this even without the use of the extra genes that is used on any lab to change the appearance of adult stem cells to any tissue they would want.

According to G. Ian Gallicano, Ph.D., who leads the study and an associate professor in the Department of Cell Biology and Director of the Transgenic Core Facility at GUMC. There are no stem cells that are able to produce enough insulin yet to treat diabetes. However they do know how those stem cells has the capability to produce the tissue they want and they have is resourceful enough to improve the results.

Galicano believes that his finding could provide the way to cure type 1 diabetes permanently. The patients have already undergone several therapies but produce nothing. Transplanted cells coming from dead people could result into rejection by the new body. Researchers are able to use induced pluripotent stem (IPS) cells or reprogrammed stem cells to act like embryonic stem cells to cure diabetes from mice but the method produces problems like tumors.