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Hi to everyone.

The autobiography, perhaps most importantly, allows the writer to tell his own story in his own words. Autobiographies also have the distinct advantage over books written by someone else in that they can contain the writer's inner thoughts and key events that no one else witnessed besides the author. While the term "autobiography" refers to a book written by the author about herself, this is not always strictly the case. Some autobiographies are written with the help of professional writers who may or may not be credited.

Most casinos earn money to fund education (public schools) and offer jobs to the surrounding area, it depends on the state law, how the casino runs, and what money goes where, but usually the money from the casino benifiets the cities and the state, so in those regards, it's a good idea

At the same time, some casinos just use the land in one state, and supports a whole different state, and can "steal" the income of the state the casino lays on, also, depending on state law, some loopholes can allow criminals to work in the casino, can allow the casino not to be taxed, or some other problems, also, if you live close to the casino, and you are a addicted gambler, or your are you have been rehabilitated, you may go back to your old gambling ways, and could lose all your money

It is really hard to tell if casinos are good or not, I live in Ohio, and "Lyle Berman" is trying to build a casino here (issue 6), but due to deceptive ads from both sides (from Lyle Berman and from Argosy Casino in Indiana), it is really hard to tell if it is good or bad for Ohio, as when you see the good side for having a casino in Ohio, the other side (Argosy Casino in Ohio's case), says how there is loopholes in the plan, and how it is bad for Ohio, I have yet to know what would be better for Ohio, but it seems like jobs are needed, so the casino seems like a good idea