How-to Guide on the Kinect v2 and the pre-beta software

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I'm still working on filling this out, high level outline below.

Download the necessary software

Make an OBS Scene Profile for Kinect VirtualGreenscreen with two scenes in it

  • KinectWebcamFlipped: Add a video device that is your Kinect v2 and flip it horizontally.
  • GreenscreenFlipped: Add a game capture that is the Kinectv2Greenscreen app and crop out the white boarder of the application and flip it horizontally

Launch OBS virtual webcam

  • Go to tools, virtualcam and then hit start.

Select the KinectWebcamFlipped scene and calibrate with LIV

  • Save configuration data to use in other apps.

Select GreenscreenFlipped scene and configure LIV

  • Add a camera in LIV and select OBS-Virtualcam, supplying your calibration settings obtained from VIVR.

Select the game you are playing in LIV for it to start compositing

  • You might need to check the 'Enable SDK' box in the About tab.

Create another OBS Scene Profile for creating your LIV Scenes that runs in a separate OBS

  • Add a window capture and select the LIV compositor, you should be good to go now!